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The authenticity of the Hadith of the Prophet p.b.u.h. no doubt about his belief among Muslims. However, the study of the authenticity of this hadith is a topic that is always discussed. Especially the orientalists are looking for errors or mistakes from the hadith. Mustafa al-Sibai explains in the book al-Sunnah wa Makanatuha fi al-Tasyri’ al-Islami, two of which are the primary triggers for these orientalists. First, there is a reason for blind fanaticism and spreading falsehoods about…
Artikel Jurnal Filsafat
The purpose of this study was to determine the pattern of character education in the learning community at Islamic boarding schools in improving the oral skills of students. The type of research used is descriptive qualitative. The method of data collection and data processing uses literature studies and qualitative analysis, researchers look for data collections from scientific articles in various journals and then analyze them. The results of the study show that learning communities in…
Artikel Jurnal Pendidikan
In Indonesia, family law is well regulated in law or government regulations. In this case, with the increasingly complex family law issues supported by divorce rates, which reached 398,245 in 2015, then in 2017, it increased to 415,898, and with the development of science and technology, so many problems arise both in terms of muamalah or family law itself. For this reason, structuring is needed through legal reform that makes it follow what is needed by the wider community. Starting from this…
Artikel Jurnal Hukum
Perbayo is a speech delivered at the coronation ceremony of a local village leader that embraces three aspects, namely: the creation of human, the Kerinci's natural history, and the leadership. As for the third aspect, the values are often analogous to a rooster having six characters: 1) langsing kokok (good crow); 2) sibar ekor (beautiful tail); 3) kembang sayap (wide wings); 4) besar paruh (big beak); 5) lebar dada (big chest); and 6) runcing taji (sharp spur). The six characters are…
Artikel Jurnal Pendidikan
The debate about the involvement of Islamic boarding schools in the world of politics is in a tug of war, contradicting each other in the sense of experiencing pros and cons. Miftahul Huda Manonjaya Islamic Boarding School is one of the boarding schools in Tasikmalaya Regency, the founder of the Miftahul Huda Islamic Boarding School is late. K.H. Choer Affandi. There were 20 mandates that he left, one of which forbade him to enter the world of politics, but in the next reality, there were sons…
Artikel Jurnal Pendidikan
This paper aims to understand the relevance of the education character perspective of the Koran in the shape of generation Qur'anic. The phenomenon found that many students still carry out intolerant actions, brawls, sexual harassment and even acts of radicalism. Character education gets attention and has a strong enough impetus to create a generation of character today. Method research used is study library research. Technique data collection using data reduction, data presentation, and…
Artikel Jurnal Pendidikan
One of the movements that online preachers continue to campaign for is the mediatization of hadith. This is due to the transformation of da’wah media from conventional to digital. Mediatization of hadith, one of which is displayed in infographics such as Republika. co. id, is an online media that has also colored the new face of hadith reception on Indonesian social media. This paper aims to reveal da’wah’s ideological bias or character in the mediatization of hadith. This article falls into…
Artikel Jurnal Sosial
The purpose of this quantitative research was to examine whether there were statistically significant differences in Islamic elementary public school teachers’ curriculum orientation and teaching conception across demographic variables of gender, age, and teaching experience. Data were collected through questionnaires from 65 Islamic elementary public school teachers. Data were analysed through Rasch analysis and tests of inferential statistics. The results of the data analysis show that, over…
Artikel Jurnal Pendidikan
This research explores the Gayonese culture of marriage through an analytical view of the Islamic law. There has been a shift in marriage system in the Gayonese society, in which the Juelen and the Angkap, the two formerly known systems shifted to Kuso Kini. This is an empirical research using the law historical approach to allow the author restropectively explore the construction of law and its shift from time to time. Data colection techniques are literature review and in-depth interviews…
Artikel Jurnal Hukum
Based on survey data released by the Association of Indonesian Internet Service Providers (APJII), it is stated that, in 2018, out of 171.17 million people who have used the internet, 60.8% of them are children aged 5 to 19 years. The irony of the use of the internet has reached children who incidentally are still shallow on the issue of the negative impact and the positive impact of the internet. Departing from the harmful effects and positive effects caused by the internet, the author wants…
Artikel Jurnal Pendidikan
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