Da'wah Theology: Community Culture Against the Rejection Ceremony in Kerinci - Jambi

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Rejecting Bala is one of the traditions that is usually carried out by the people in Kerinci-Jambi, Rejecting Bala means eliminating all bala/illness and can also expel evil spirits in a village. Tolak Bala is something that is highly recommended, apart from being a form of gratitude for all the blessings that have been given by Allah SWT. Rejecting reinforcements can also protect oneself from danger and can also avoid disaster. Judging from that part, some people need to carry out the counter-resistance program. Tolak Bala is basically to get rid of all existing or infecting diseases. to clean up and improve the welfare of the people in the area. In social life, one cannot escape the habits that eventually become a culture for an area, the influence of this culture can be seen from the traditions that are often carried out and are attached to members of the community. It needs to be acknowledged, cultural values or customs in the midst of society, when viewed from, whether or not they are relevant to the values of religious teachings, even a real phenomenon that has a sociological role that cannot be underestimated. Because it also includes religious scholars and traditional leaders. Sitting together among these community leaders in a ceremony which has become a culture in the Kerinci community, can foster brotherhood and unity. This unity can be seen when they carry out ceremonial traditions, they leave behind different backgrounds of understanding and even beliefs can be released if they collide with customary applications that accommodate all related communities. Sights like this can be seen, among other things, during the ritual implementation of the repelling of reinforcements in Kerinci.
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