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Title: Inserting Local Culture in Building Good Characters: How area Both Culture and Character Implemented in Higher Education Context?
Authors: Jamin, Ahmad
Mudra, Heri
Keywords: cultures
Character Building
Teaching activities
Teaching methods
Scientific thoughts
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: FBS UNP Padang
Abstract: A character building has become the main plan of Kindergarten Elementary, Junior High and Senior High Schools. Besides, it is also the main focus in a higher education context such as a college, institute or university. The character building in a higher education, has been successfully done by inserting good local cultures as one of influencing factors that affect such character building. The local cultures including moral , alues and wisdoms become predictors of how good characters are formally built. This participatory-observation research studies how such local cultures are implemented in building good characters in a college. The results of this study show that there are at least five ways of inserting such local cultures into the character budding, namely: l) integrating moral values and wisdoms into a lecture preparation (e.g syllabus or teaching materials); 2) being accustomed to implementing local cultures in pre-lecturing, whilst-lecturing and post-lecturing activities; 3) integrating such cultures into teaching methods or techniques (e.g think pair share); 4) adjusting such cultures , ith classroom atmosphere• and 5) combining both culture and character concepts with scientific thoughts.
ISBN: 978-602-1717-4-4
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