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Title: Competency of Educational Personality in Establishing Participant Personnel’s Through the Religious Atmosphere
Authors: Alam, Masnur
Keywords: Personality
religious atmosphere
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Serials Publications Pvt. Ltd
Abstract: This qualitative research aims to describe the competence of educator’s personalities in the personal formation of learners in SMAN 4 Kota Sungai Penuh-Jambi-Indonesia. Research in the field found that the personality competencies of educators in general have been good, such as a stable personality, stable, mature, wise authoritative, noble and can be exemplary, but not yet fully owned, and evenly and still varied, because it is influenced by the age factor, Background, education level and environment. The role of educators in the personal formation of learners is made through the structural model, beginning with a top-down principal policy, followed by formal model with subject islamization, mechanical model with religious activity, organic model with integration curriculum. In addition, through intracurricular instruments (selected subjects and local content), extracurricular activities, religious development activities, religious worship, creation of a safe, peaceful, polite, courteous, greeting, smiling, and greeting. This activity received responses from school residents, including educators and learners. The formation of personality, character or character, emotional stability and sense of responsibility of learners is very strategic and will be successfully implemented through an atmosphere of harmony, so that the learning environment becomes conducive, comfortable, calm and religious.
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